The match played by the Atlético de Madrid and the Seville At the Wanda Metropolitano he left a curious image that has never been seen so far: that of the substitute players of the rojiblanco team watching the first part of the game on a static bike,

The intense cold it was in Madrid (-5 ºC) at the start time of the clash led the physical trainer to have the players active instead of sitting in the stands for two reasons: first, to prevent them from staying cold and second, that they were ready in case they had to jump onto the pitch at any moment.

Therefore, Joao Félix, Vitolo, Felipe or Saúl They climbed the stairs until they reached the corridor located just below the authorities' box, where stationary bicycles and stoves awaited them to keep them warm and exercise their leg muscles.

A curious image left by this match marked by the intense cold that was experienced in the capital of Spain this Tuesday, with historical negative temperature records that had not occurred in Madrid for many years.


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