Dani Alves signed his contract as a Barcelona player on Wednesday until the end of the season. Later, it was presented at the Camp Nou in a ceremony full of energy and a good atmosphere. Hours later, RAC1 has revealed a curious detail that contains the contract of the Brazilian full-back. This is your termination clause. And is that the defender will have to pay a penalty of 100 million euros if he left Barcelona before June 30.

Alves' photo

It is striking that a 38-year-old player with the lowest salary of the entire Barça squad has such a high clause. This information also ensures that there is no option to extend the agreement for a second season, but it does clarify that there is a good predisposition on both sides so that this expansion could be carried out.

Precisely, Alves himself spoke in his presentation about a possible extension of his contract for one more season: “It is not a concern. I come until June, I count until there. And then, everything can be discussed. It has to do with the results. This is like an exam. If I score 4.5, I know that I am suspended. You have to have a grade high to continue. If not, I’ll take the suitcase myself in June. “