After the turmoil that the statements of the president of Las Palmas, Miguel Ángel Ramírez, supposed yesterday, he affirmed on the official radio of Las Palmas that the public could enter the match against Girona at the Estadio de Gran Canaria (June 13, 8:30 p.m.) insular time), this Tuesday Fernando Simón, director of Emergencies of the Ministry of Health has said hours after his minister declared that “We have had a meeting with several players in which we have been discussing some of their concerns, such as the issue of the public. No closed answer has been given, but in case phase 3 can be done, it will be attempted, but You have to analyze the risks. In any case, that rule should apply to all fields and fans alike. The option is there, but it depends on the evolution of the epidemic. “

Asked the CSD for these statements by Fernando Simón, from the agency it has been admitted that “the de-escalation will not be symmetrical, and since integrity must be respected in the conditions in which they compete …, that is to say, it is impossible to speak of the capacity for the restart of the competition. Later, if it is the case, will study. “

Salvador Illa, Minister of Health, confirmed in the morning that in Phase 3 the powers in de-escalation pass to the autonomous communities to which recommendations adapted to the needs and progress of each will be sent.

So, The CSD, chaired by Irene Lozano, rushed this morning, in a meeting with those responsible for Sports in the different Spanish communities, to stop Ramírez's efforts in the presence of the public. At that meeting reference was made to article 41 of order 414, which says that parties are held behind closed doors, and that is what applies. The CSD also assures that said option proposed by the maximum leader of Las Palmas “would violate” the principle of equality of the competition.

The CSD also notes that “the final decision will not be adopted by a single entity or administration”, referring to that, in any case, it will be necessary to gather sanitary orders or recommendations to avoid any outbreak of regrowth of COVID-19. Therefore, it is not ruled out that you can access the different Spanish stadiums, not only the one in Las Palmas, but it seems like a rather remote possibility.

In any case, Las Palmas was trying to grab a loophole and transfer the pressure to Ángel Víctor Torres, President of the Canary Islands Government. Given the comparative grievance that would exist with different autonomies and the risks of bringing together so many people, 11,000 people (one third of the EGC), it seems impossible that the Las Palmas-Girona duel has witnesses beyond those essential.