The CSD celebrates that the ‘flag’ will be Olympic in 2028 at the reception for the European American football champions


The general director of Sports of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), Fernando Molinero, has expressed his hope that the ‘flag’ will be Olympic at the Los Angeles 2028 Games at the reception this Wednesday for the Spanish women’s soccer team American, who recently became European champion.

In an event held in the Samaranch Room of the CSD, the General Director of Sports congratulated the entire delegation for the continental title achieved in Calatayud, the first for Spain in the ‘tackle’ modality in the women’s category.

Furthermore, Fernando Molinero has expressed his “excitement” that the flag will be an Olympic discipline in 2028. Thus, he highlighted that Spanish American football is not only “talked about in the present but also in terms of the future”, showing himself convinced of that, after this recent success in the European Championship, “the Spanish teams are going to continue showing what they are capable of” in their next matches.

As the General Director of Sports has detailed, even though there are just over 5,000 American football licenses in Spain – of which less than 1,000 are female – the athletes are “making the tackle and all the disciplines of this sport grow” in the country.

“On this path of growth, you will always find the CSD,” said Fernando Molinero, who together with the president of the Spanish American Football Federation (FEFA), José Luis Soler, presented the European champions trophy to a of the team captains, Cristina Gómez, and the coach, Manu Ibáñez.

José Luis Soler has recognized the talent of the players, both in tackle (helmet and armor) and flag (non-contact mode). “I have always been aware that we have talent, a lot of talent. But winning these competitions requires not only talent, but also effort, means and luck. I can affirm, once again, that we have talent. And that both players, coaches, physios and All of you who help us on a daily basis make a great effort. Luck has appeared in spurts, sometimes yes, sometimes not. But there has not been a moment of weakness,” said the president of FEFA.

Soler predicted that this European title “is just the beginning of the story that the Spanish women’s tackle will write in the coming years.”


In addition to the recognition of the women’s tackle team, during the event held at the CSD, the collaboration agreement between the Illustrious Official College of Administrative Managers of Madrid (ICOGAM) and the FEFA was presented.

“We are not an entity that invests in sports or in too many sponsorships. Always very modest amounts and related to the activity of the Administrative Managers. But I assure you that I have made mine and my Governing Board the same challenge that you have set for yourself: that the Spanish flag will arrive in Los Angeles in 2028,” said the president of ICOGAM, Fernando Jesús Santiago Ollero.

Finally, the Luanvi kits have been presented with which Spain will play the Flag World Championship in the absolute women’s and men’s categories and the European men’s and women’s under-17 and mixed under-15 championships.

The event was attended by the commercial director of the sports brand, Antonio Expósito, who expressed his satisfaction for collaborating with FEFA and the Spanish flag, and hopes to be able to build, together with the CSD, the federation and the Administrative Managers of Madrid, the road to reach Los Angeles 2028.