With Athletic in full offensive fervour, Gerard Piqué blocked a header from Sancet with his arm. At the edge of the break, it is clearly seen how the ball hits the extremity of the Blaugrana center-back, but it is close to his body, he makes no intention of touching the ball with his hand and is in a completely natural position. Munuera Montero did not hesitate live, but, because the play was difficult to appreciate, he reassured the local footballers with the existence of video arbitration. From above, they confirmed to the referee that he had made the right choice and that the match should continue as normal.

Iturralde Gonzalez, referee of the Sports Carousel of Cadena SER and AS, analyzed the play on the air. At first, it seemed to him that the possible infraction was not enough to signal a maximum penalty: “Piqué has his hand down, even if he touches the ball it is not punishable“. Something that he confirmed after seeing the repeated action: “You can even see that he is trying to remove it. There is nothing”.

In the final line, Iñigo Martínez scored the second goal after pushing at the far post at will. Before, Berenguer combed, who was not offside as if other teammates were. After a brief review break, the VAR confirmed that the goal was legal. Not so his own Berenguer, slightly early after a delivery from the right side of Williams.

Already in extra time, Piqué hit Berenguer in the face with his arm. The local player fell to the ground somewhat sore. The Blaugrana center-back already had a yellow card and Athletic claimed the second. Iturralde has doubts about the action: “It’s right there. They get yellow and red very easily.” In minute 103, Nico, at a great level on the right, put the center and hit Jordi Alba’s outstretched arm. The referee did not see it first, but the VAR called him and, after reviewing the action on the screen, pointed out the infraction. That’s how Iturralde saw it: “These penalties are being called, although it doesn’t have to be yellow, it’s to protest.”

In the second half of extra time, Ferran scored in one-on-one, but was clearly ahead. With the match at its height, there would still be time for yet another controversial action. Iñaki WIlliams entered the area and Piqué brought him down. This yes, the blaugrana puts the leg before the arrival of the forward. Iturralde considers that it is not a penalty: “It is a soccer action. There is nothing“.