The confirmation of Infanta Sofía and a very her centennial jumpsuit: May, the month of raspberry pink

Leonor has a focus, due to its intrinsic condition as heiress, different from that of Sofia. This marks everything in public acts. Its place, its space and its interventions. The media exposure and the role of Leonor are different. We have seen it in Wales, in Oviedo and in Barcelona. Not today. This Thursday, May 25, is the great day of the Infanta. Sofia celebrates her Confirmation. Her focus is on her and her star is on her too.

All the media wait in front of the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady of Aravaca, in Madrid. We are in a small garden patio. Eterna waits because we have passed the control at 11:00 and the mass begins at 12:45. In these minutes they have confirmed it to us: “Godfather, the King”. Thus, the script of the Princess is repeated.

In an event with such a familiar format, the press colleagues were waiting for the arrival of the two grandmothers, doña sofia y Rock Doveand the maternal grandfather, jesus ortizwhich has finally appeared with Ana Togores. They have made their entrance just after the Kings and their daughters.

Sofia has greeted so cheerful and smiling. She was walking with her sister and her parents. The four have posed just in front of the five arches of the church portico. When a companion has asked the infanta the question “Nervous?”, she has responded with a spontaneous “good”. They have composed a second family photo with the grandparents. The only one that has been left out of the inn has been Togores.

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For a family day, the daughter of the Kings has chosen a very her look. Modern, raspberry pink, minimal and centennial. A jumpsuit with crossed neckline. playing with colors Mrs. Letizia and Eleanor. The queen has taken a swing in style since that very discreet set of basic black pants and a white top that she wore two years ago at the Confirmation of her eldest daughter. On this occasion, she has chosen a white culotte combined with a powdery pink blouse.

For Leonor this is her first outing and her first photo in Spain after her graduation from Wales on May 20. The heiress has made a copy of the style of her mother with a beautiful midi dress. Both, conjoined in wedges.