The Competition Committee continues with the investigation of the alleged racist insult of Juan Cala, a footballer from Cádiz, to Diakhaby, from Valencia. Said body of the Federation has decided, at the request of the RFEF Integrity Department, open an extraordinary disciplinary procedure to the soccer player in the yellow box for “carrying out behaviors that could eventually be constitutive of one or more infractions of sports regulations general, all of the above in accordance with article 32 of the current Disciplinary Code of the RFEF “.

Competition, which met this morning, discussed and analyzed the incidents that occurred last Sunday at Cádiz-Valencia. This Committee wants to continue studying and investigating that alleged racist insult to football. “It is considered necessary to highlight that on the part of this Competition Committee it is considered essential to act firmly in relation to any action, manifestation or statement that is susceptible to violence, racism, xenophobia or intolerance in football, existing for this purpose precepts within the scope of the RFEF Disciplinary Code that enable the initiation of disciplinary actions for the timely knowledge of the nature and scope of the facts and, where appropriate, the corresponding sanction when circumstances justify it ” , explains said body in its minutes.

Cala will be investigated for the “conduct of conduct that could eventually constitute one or more infractions of the general sports regulations, all of the above in accordance with the article of the Disciplinary Code of the RFEF”. This process, which was requested by Valencia, will have as instructor Juan Antonio Landaberea Unzueta, who will be in charge of the processing of the procedure and to whom the rules of abstention and disqualification provided for in the legislation will be applied. However, Competition keeps the yellow card that Diakhaby saw in the set with Cala. Medié Jiménez wrote in the minutes: “for arguing with a colleague.” Valencia will use this yellow card.

Cádiz pronounces on the file against Cala: “We will defend Cala”

After being officially known the opening of a file to Juan Cala by Competition for the alleged racist insult that Diakhaby claims to have received from the central cadista. The Cádiz has then decided to publish a statement in which they show their support for the player of the yellow entity, Cala, and, also, they affirm that they wish to see “until the end of the investigation process”.

Cádiz through its statement assures that it will be next to Juan Cala to defend him from “baseless accusations” and at the same time they affirm that if it was shown that the footballer carried out a racist act the club “would have condemned and fought against any conduct contrary to the values ​​of the competition and the entity “.

Below we reproduce the statement issued by Cádiz in its entirety given its relevance:

“Given the confirmation of the opening of the file to Juan Cala by the Competition Committee at the request of the Integrity department of the RFEF due to a complaint by the Valencia Football Club, the Cádiz Football Club makes the following statements:

– We fully agree and we applaud that the RFEF opens an investigation into the accusations that have been leveled against our player, Juan Torres Ruiz 'Juan Cala'.

– We hope and trust that, for the sake of football, the investigation process will be completed.

– If the investigation ends, as we are sure, resolving the concurrence of an unfair accusation against our player Juan Cala, that same body, following the same criteria, must take the necessary measures so that those who have accused without any evidence are punished .

– The Cádiz Football Club will defend its player from any type of unfounded accusation, just as in the reverse case it would have condemned and fought against any conduct contrary to the values ​​demanded by the competition and our own entity.


The AFE defends Cala's presumption of innocence

The Association of Spanish Footballers also issued a statement on the “episode that occurred during the match between Cádiz C.F. and Valencia C.F. and that affects the footballers Juan Torres Ruiz and Mouctar Diakhaby.” For the group of footballers, “the presumption of innocence is a fundamental right of any person as long as their guilt is not proven” and, only if it is proven, “it will condemn, as it has always done, any racist or xenophobic action that pay attention, both on and off the field, to any footballer. “

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