The PSG lost their second consecutive home game in the finals of the Champions League. The Parisians ended up succumbing 1-2 against Manchester City and that at halftime they had the tie on track with the goal of Marquinhos. One of the most noted at the end of the match has been Kylian Mbappé, who did not have his night in the Princes Park.


The forward of the PSG has been the player with the lowest rating of the Parisians for the newspaper L'Equipe. The prestigious French newspaper highlights that he played a very rough game, unable to generate danger to the counterattack and without having a clear opportunity. “He did not take advantage of enough depth and did not punish the slowness of City. He had a bad choice in the 85th minute on a clear counterattack.”, stresses.

Mbappe I went to the game of City in one of the best moments of his career. The French international had pierced the defenses of Barcelona and Bayern and against Guardiola's City he faced a golden opportunity to increase his records. However, the great game of Stones Y Fill Days and his lack of effectiveness made last night one of his worst performances of the current edition of the Champions League.

Statistics of Mbappé against City.

Statistics of Mbappé against City.

Mbappé closed the Champions League night in the Parisian city without any shot registered in the 90 minutes. Something that says a lot about his role on the field of play. If last season it had been Neymar who led the Parisian team to the final that Bayern, with Coman at the head, would snatch (0-1), this season was being Kylian's. See the above-mentioned exhibitions at the Camp Nou and in front of the Bavarian team. However, his party in the Park of the Princes resurrects old ghosts, following the adjective with which L'Équipe defined his party: “Ghostly”.

Madrid rubs their hands

Going back will not be easy, since Guardiola has built a robust City that complements the offensive freshness that has always characterized them. And not achieving the machado would be a setback for PSG, not only in sports, but in terms of retaining Mbappé. The Bondy has won almost everything with the capital in France, in addition to the World Cup with Les Bleus in 2018, but in Europe it has not succeeded and that is something that could tip the balance.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

The renewal of his contract, which ends in 2022, does not advance and the intention of PSG to incorporate Messi this summer would collide head-on with the negotiation. While the possible elimination would reduce power when dealing with the contract extension to a Leonardo who did not lose optimism before the game against City. Five days later, the context changes completely, since the setback at home makes it difficult again to put the icing on a project that will not be finished until PSG lift the Orejona.

It is not the first time that the critical eye has fallen on our protagonist. After the second leg of the quarterfinals, the one who took the spotlight was Neymar, and previously he had already questioned his continuity in Paris after being subjected to negative evaluations. “In the end all this tires (…) If this can influence my decision to stay at PSG in the summer? Of course …”, he went on to say. In Madrid they rubbed their hands in their day with this comment and surely the City's move to the final would increase the speed of friction. And, all this brings Mbappé closer to being in charge of leading the premiere of the new Santiago Bernabéu.

Statistical evolution of Mbappé in the last three seasons.

Mbappé is young (22 years old) and has the future ahead of him, opposing the football throne for the next decade alongside an Erling Haaland with whom Madrid hopes to pair in the near future (2022?). The flirtation between the forward and Madrid has been in force for a long time and saying goodbye to the Champions League prematurely would be one more weight to add to the white balance. It would not be the first star to change of scene in search of the aforementioned trophy. Hazard lived a similar situation at Chelsea and after conquering everything in London decided that the time had come. Guardiola, in this way, could do a favor to Real Madrid, who was going to say it …


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