This Wednesday (6:55 p.m., Movistar Champions League) The Champions League curtain rises again for Real Madrid, that last year he took another disappointment in his favorite competition. Perhaps the best news of that last edition was the irruption of Rodrygo Goes, that in his debut in the heights of world football he taught good manners and accompanied them with better statistics.

Santos's ex played five of the eight Madridistas' games in Europe, with gallons of holder in four. In total, 331 minutes very used in his boots, scoring four goals and distributing three assists. That direct participation in seven goals made him finish the tournament with a mean intervention in one every 47.28 minutes. They are very good records, and even more so for a newcomer from Brazil, in full personal and football training: he started running in white at 18 years old and in January he turned 19.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

His happiest European night was the second, after having presented himself in society to the continent with a ownership surprise you in Istanbul (0-1) with Madrid on the tight rope. He had seen Paris 3-0 from the bench and 2-2 with Bruges in the stands, but on the third day Zidane gave him the alternative and on the fourth, On October 22, 2019, he lit the fuse. And there was no one to stop it. Apart from combining with Benzema for 4-0, Rodrygo signed against Galatasaray the youngest perfect hat-trick (18 years and 301 days) ever in the Champions League: 1-0, at 4 ', with the left; the 2-0, in the 7 ', of head; and 6-0, in 92 ', with the right.

Rodrygo, faster than Mbappé or Rooney

His record shattered that of Mbappe, who had achieved it with 20 years and 306 days, and unseated Rooney (18 years, 340 days) in second place in the table of the earliest hat-tricks, including the 'not perfect'. Rodrygo only resisted Raúl, who stopped time in 18 years and 113 days. The list of names helps to measure the milestone of the Paulista, who would later also see a door in Bruges, where he also attended, as in the second round in Manchester.


Zidane, who was taking note of that progression, bet on his ownership in the return against City, a face or cross that did not fall on the side of Madrid. But for Rodrygo, who at 28 'had centered Benzema for 1-1 and at 61' he was substituted, the presence in eleven already added another sign of his good feeling with a Champions returning this week. And the '25', with an attendance in only 91 minutes this course, wants to consolidate this idyll.


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