The Juventus It has always been characterized as a team with one of the strongest defenses of Europe. Currently, it does not go through its best moment and From Ligt He is acclimating himself to a much more physical football and for that reason, they are looking for a signing with a lot of experience and worldwide. The chosen one is Dutch Van dijk that many place it as the best center in the world.

The current champion of Europe with the Liverpool He is one of the defenders of the moment, he was named the best player of the past Champions League and the suitors are not lacking. Liverpool took over its services after paying close to 85 million euros at Sunderland and get him out of Anfield It seems an impossible mission.

As published by the newspaper Mirror Juventus is planning to make an offer close to 160 million euros and seduce it just as they already managed to do it with Christian Ronaldo. The youths cling to the hope that the player looks for new challenges and challenges after getting everything in the Liverpool after presumably I win this year the Premier League with the Liverpool (Real Madrid has the Champions MVP on the radar, Van Dijk).

The Liverpool he knows that the center is a fundamental pillar of his team and as it happened with the Real Madrid, will put all possible obstacles to retain the player who is very comfortable in England. It seems like a complicated task, but the great economic amount together with his 28 years can make the defender change his mind.