Much emotion has surrounded Cádiz and the city today for the farewell of Álvaro Cervera. About two hundred fans have come to the surroundings of the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium to show support and affection to the former coach of the cadista team.

They have received him with applause and chants, also with banners that read his slogan La Lucha No Se Negocia. When Cervera appeared around the corner, the Cadista followers exploded in displays of affection. Of course, there was no shortage of shouts calling for the resignation of Manuel Vizcaíno, president of Cádiz, for making the decision to dismiss Cervera.

Cadiz Shield / Flag

Once the press conference was over, the technician left and was accompanied to the parking lot by the wave of cadistas who sang in the meantime and made claims. The cadistas asked that Cervera have a street, a door in the stadium, that he stay in Cádiz, that he be named the patrimony of the Cadiz. “Stay at home”, “I love you, Gafa” and, as happened yesterday, there were also shouts calling for the resignation of Manuel Vizcaíno.

The fans eagerly waited for both Cervera and Roberto Perera to sign them to keep the memory for a lifetime of the one who is the best coach in the history of Cádiz. Some even think about how to get the rubric tattooed.