The bucolic Christmas photo of Guillermo and Kate with their children: they make pineapple in front of the tsunami Sussex

The photo of the princes of Wales arrives to congratulate the Christmas holidays. The Royal House has shared this bucolic image that represents a united, happy and relaxed family on a summer afternoon. Guillermo y Kate They appear walking hand in hand with their three children, George, Charlotte y Louis. They represent the strength of a team. They stand together in front of the tsunami media of Harry y Meghan, which has passed over Buckingham in the form of a Netflix docuseries. This is what photography conveys.

The son of Charles III and his wife, coordinated with their communication team, have chosen this image that projects union and stability. They make an unbreakable team. Guillermo leads his eldest son, George, by the hand as his heir. To the right of the photograph, Kate walks with a smile on her face, with sunshine in her hair and a relaxed look: jeans and sneakers. The photo is signed by Matt Porteous.

A Nature setting has been chosen because the green environment always transmits positive emotions. That they are walking is not the result of chance either. Movement favors spontaneity and naturalness. This portrait, moreover, was taken in the Norfolk Gardens one summer afternoon. Even more bucolic. The princes appear camouflaged in blue colors, just like their children.

Harry, unceremoniously: “They lied to protect my brother”

Everything that this princely perch represents (strength, unity, stability) appears now, in full storm for the latest trailer for the Meghan and Markle series, anticipation of what we will see this Thursday, December 15. In the images, Harry unloads against the institution and does so unceremoniously: “They lied to protect my brother.” Guillermo does his job and remains faithful to the culture of silence that prevails in the Windsors.