The financial haemorrhage that has caused the signing of Ousmane Dembélé to FC Barcelona since his arrival at the Camp Nou in 2017 he hasn’t stopped. As reported by the German sports website Sport1, a sale of the French winger during this winter market would cause a new payment to his former club, Borussia Dortmund, who would have agreed a total of five million euros more for their coffers in the event of a sale of the player before the end of his contract.

The signing of Dembélé to Barcelona is getting too expensive, especially considering the number of clauses that have already entered into force and cost the culé club 38 million euros more. In this way, the initial 105 kilos that the Blaugrana paid to take over the services of the Frenchman they have already become 143 million, an amount that places him as the most expensive player in the history of the club. Of course, if you sell it in winter, the total could even stay at 148 kilos. An atrocity.

It should be remembered that the renewal of the player has become a soap opera without equal which ended in the exclusion of the player from the call against Athletic Club. It doesn’t seem that the relationship between club and player can be fixed, so it seems more and more likely that Barcelona will get rid of the player during the winter market, despite the new economic blow that it would mean for an entity immersed in immense debt.