The billionaire Pérez Simón and the lawyer Teresa Bueyes, the romance of the summer

Sunday afternoon. The Teatro Real is preparing for the premiere of one of its most applauded operas, Madame Butterflyand in the stalls everything is ready to welcome the season ticket holders and attendees. The premieres of the Real are always a good meeting point to find out what is going on in the gossip columns of Madrid. And Sunday did not disappoint. There has been much talk these days about the exclusive we published in Informalia with the breakup of the Mexican millionaire, Juan Antonio Pérez Simón, owner of one of the most important art galleries in the world, and the Spanish, Silvia Gómez Cuétarawidow of Luis Garcia Cereceda. The end of this almost 13-year relationship has been complicated and difficult to digest for some. Silvia’s illness, who suffers from cancer, has caused many to criticize this crisis, which is already a definitive break from what those close to her say.

And if anyone had doubts that both Pérez Simón and Silvia could recover their best moments, since Sunday they can be sure that nothing indicates that there is going back. Among other things, because Perez Simon has found in the lawyer Teresa Bueyes Not only a fun new support at this point in his life, but I dare say what could be the romance of the summer if the relationship ends up consolidating. The truth is that The Asturian origin of Pérez Simón coincides with the roots of Bueyes and they both have a passion for those landsTeresa is also friends with some members of her family and so they are not two strangers.

Teresa Bueyes

In this last month they have seen each other on numerous occasions. On Teresa Bueyes’ birthday a few days ago, celebrated in the farm of his friend Luis Miguel Rodriguez, from Latorre scrapyards. Pérez Simón was the surprise of a banquet in which flamenco, ham, good wine and the desire to enjoy were not lacking. Just two days later, it was Teresa who went to Pérez Simón’s residence in the luxurious urbanization of La Finca in Pozuelo de Alarcón as a guest at her summer dinner and there she met other attendees, such as Baroness Thyssen herself. Witnesses at the dinner clearly saw Pérez Simón’s interest in sharing laughter and confidences with her friend Teresa de ella. And we go on.

Carmen Cervera

On Sunday the couple attended the premiere at the Teatro Real and then went to dinner at a nearby restaurant. The complicity between them can be seen from miles away. Laughter, secrets, surprises, confessions… The appointments continue. There will be more and Simón wants to fully enjoy his stay in Spain and this new summer that he begins as a single man and in which Teresa Bueyes, the lawyer of so many media cases, seems to be his best company. . What happens in the next few days remains to be written but here We already point out that the return with Silvia Gómez Cuétara is more than unlikely despite the fact that some close friends believe that there will be a second chance. But I smell that Pérez Simón and Teresa, Bueyes or Teresa Bueyes and Pérez Simón are going to continue with their dates and we will even get used to seeing them at many events in a summer that could be very interesting for both of them. To be continue.