All six English teams that supported the European Super League have accepted a Premier League fine. After the threat posed by the creation of another European competition parallel to UEFA, everything faded in just 48 hours, although there are still collateral effects. For example, as posted Sky Sports, all the members of the English Big Six they will pay an amount to the Premier League as part of a peace agreement. Thus, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City and Manchester United will disburse a total of 20 million pounds (23 million euros) to end to any future Super League project.

In addition, according to this agreement announced by Sky Sports, a 30-point reduction in the league is included if they sign any similar agreement with another competition that breaks with the current foundations of European football, which closes the door to any other revolution like the one experienced with the European Super League. According to the British media, this fine will be made official today.