Garbiñe Muguruza pulled gallons in front of Paula Badosa. There was the key to success. Garbiñe brought out his best version, the one that led him to world number one in 2017, which led to four Grand Slam finals, which crowned him at Wimbledon and at Roland Garros… And she expressed her experience before an opponent four years younger, newcomer to the great fights of the women’s circuit. Badosa came out nervous, stiff, without rhythm. At no time did the freshness of the magic week of Indian Wells, nor of the two solvent initial victories of are WTA Finals who promoted him as the leader of their group. Badosa had no fun this Tuesday fighting his first height semifinal. On the contrary, his face denoted suffering during many sets. Badosa was blocked before the importance of the event, before the relevance of the scene, before the expectation of a country, before the might of his rival… Let’s not forget that Garbiñe has been a mirror for Paula. It is not easy to challenge your idols. Muguruza, however, did know how to make a motivation to defend his reign of Spanish number one.

Muguruza arrives at his first final at the Masters with the best sensations, after beating the two fittest players in the last month. El domingo, by Anett Kontaveit, which was dragging a streak of twelve consecutive wins. In the semifinals, to Badosa, another of the fashionable tennis players, recently landed in the top-10. The caraqueña has the opportunity to close with a great title a season in which she has rescued flashes of his best game and has won in regularity, its weak point in other phases of his career. Garbiñe has before him the challenge of rising as the first Spanish champion in the WTA Finals, in the first teacher. Badosa has been close, now he has a bad drink, but he should not stay with that bitterness, but in learning to grow. She may be next.