Athletic still does not know how to kill the games. Villalibre's goal in the 85th minute was counteracted by Roberto López's near 90. Marcelino started with the same goals in the final and two were injured. Here are the notes of this latest match against Real.


Athletic made, as appropriate, the hall of honor for the Cup champion. The lions also showed in Anoeta, as days before in La Cartuja, that they know how to lose.


He came out around minute 70 and arrived in time to score the Athletic goal. A bit of head surrounded by several defenders of the Real. The ‘Buffalo’ almost always contributes, although it almost never makes the starting eleven.


The Navarrese played a good game in Anoeta. He left some quality details and showed that on the left it is usually more comfortable and loose than on the right.


The Asturian coach decided to line up the same eleven players who made up the starting team last Saturday in the Cup final. It was one of the options that had some logic before the start of the clash, given the bad encounter of the lions in Seville, But it could take its toll in the form of injuries.


The two players had to be changed when noticing their respective muscle pricks. The center-back barely lasted 13 minutes on the pitch. The left-handed winger left the pitch as soon as the second half started. Problems.


The goalkeeper position is what you have. Any miscalculation or failure is usually very important. The rojiblanco goal was not at all fine in the play that led to the Real draw.

0. OTHER 1-1

Ties to one in the league are becoming a habit since Marcelino has been on the rojiblanco bench. Athletic's problem is that in most of these tables they deserved a better result. His lack of goal above and individual errors below are penalizing him.

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