Koeman's Barça is exhausted, dying, losing vital signs and multi-organ failure is imminent. He has entered a vegetative state and the usual medical team is about to sign the death of a project that without losing in LaLiga seems evicted after drawing against Cádiz at zero after playing with one minus 25 minutes and with Koeman expelled in the discount. Of the party and who knows if of the Barça.

From the outset it was very clear that the pack that Barcelona fans are waiting for – and put it in the order that they like best – to combine game and result was a chimera. Any spectator knew from the start that the most they could expect from Barça was a result and thank you. The game is still being postponed.

In this, Barça is as honorable as it is disastrous. It makes it clear to you from the outset that he is going to play badly. So the only illusion is that someone from the rival team makes a mistake and makes the task easier.

The first 45 minutes of the game were an invitation to go to cricket. A thick, slow game, with almost more losses than passes and in which the areas were a forbidden zone. From Cádiz this approach could be expected, because if he continues in the highest category it is based on knowing how to do the virtue of necessity, but in Koeman's team the feeling of helplessness increased every minute that passed.

No one in the Blaugrana team was capable of breaking a line, creating superiority or dribbling except for Memphis and Gavi, But as it turns out that this is an association game, when the ball was passed to someone, it always reached a player who lost it or delayed it.

Football is so great that it should be noted that the stadium crowd cheered the show on with tremendous faith. That they were still awake already had merit, animating is already from another planet. And is that the first shot on goal came after half an hour of play. A weak, focused and smooth shot for Ledesma that Ledesma saved while stretching.

Beyond this inane threat, the Barça game was limited to loading the game by the band of Dest, which runs the same on the left as on the right, but is more wrong than a contestant in a yellow mood. The last decision was always wrong.

Against this background, Cádiz endured without stress, but with the setback of Fali's injury, who after 40 minutes had to withdraw from the field after a bad gesture on his knee. In his place Jonsson came in, but nothing changed until the break. The only data to review so far is that Barça had lost 26 balls in the middle of the game.

Sergi Roberto at the beginning of the second half for a Demir that this was too big for him, while Álvaro left his position to Salvi. The spare parts, from the start, seemed to suit the Andalusians better, because the minute they returned to the pitch, Negredo forced Ter Stegen to show off.

This occasion marked the beginning of a new game in which, at the very least, the areas ceased to be the Forbidden City. Memphis missed a meter from Ledesma a shot that will appear in the recaps of the year, then Ledesma saved the first serious shot of a game that was broken in the 65th minute when the referee sent off Frenkie de Jong for a double yellow. The second, more than rigorous, but being yellow there was no revision option.

Koeman reacted by giving entry to Coutinho by a Luuk de Jong who continues to play with the reducer and gave entry to Nico by a Gavi who until now had been the best of Barça and in the desperate attempt Riqui came out looking for the miracle. His entry was noticed, the first ball he touched was a counterattack from Cádiz that Ter Stegen saved in extremis.

The ending was crazy. With Memphis missing an occasion that was the prelude to a play in which Busquets stopped Cádiz's last attack by kicking a second ball and the game ended with Koeman sent off. Barça remains in a vegetative state waiting for someone to disconnect it. It doesn't seem like it will take too long.


Jens jonsson (39 ', Fali), Salvi (45 ', Álvaro Jiménez), Sergi Roberto (45 ', Yusuf Demir), Perea (56 ', Santiago Arzamendia), Lush (56 ', Negredo), Coutinho (67 ', Luuk de Jong), Nico Gonzalez (72 ', Pablo Páez Gavira), Carlos Akapo (78 ', Isaac), Ricard puig (79 ', Sergiño Dest)


Referee: Carlos del Cerro Grande
VAR Referee: Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva
Frenkie De Jong (61 ', Yellow) Frenkie De Jong (64 ', Red) Sergi Roberto (64 ', Yellow) Varazdat Haroyan (67 ', Yellow) Carlos Akapo (87 ', Yellow) Tomás Alarcón (89 ', Yellow) Busquets (95 ', Yellow