The head of compliance at Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​Sergi Atienza, considers that Guillem Laporta –son of the president, Joan Laporta– did not intervene in the club’s transfers through his player intermediation company and, therefore, he does not see any breach of the internal regulations of the Barcelona entity.

“The compliance area concludes that with the information that has been obtained to date, it has not been possible to prove any breach of FC Barcelona’s internal regulations or current legislation on incompatibilities, conflicts of interest and self-contracting of employees. managers of the club”, summed up Atienza.

As a result of the article ‘Laporta’s son’s player intermediation firm participates in Barça transfers’, the Compliance area began an investigation to verify whether the facts could constitute a breach of internal regulations, reaching the conclusion that that it was not so.

According to the law, managers cannot “contract through their companies, or on behalf of a third party, with the sports entity itself in which management functions are exercised.” Given the possibility that Guillem Laporta, the president’s son, might have committed such an infraction, the Compliance area began to study the facts.

“In the framework of the actions carried out, a series of interviews have been carried out both with the people affected and with other members of the club’s Football and Finance areas. From the set of meetings it has been possible to verify that in no case did Mr. Guillem Laporta has participated in the intermediation operations for the transfers or assignments related to the Alonso-Lenglet-Dest operations (or any other)”, wields the ‘Compliance’.

In this sense, the football director Mateu Alemany stated that Guillem Laporta “never participated in any meeting or negotiation” in any of the Alonso-Lenglet-Dest operations, or in any other, and that the managers and workers in the area knew “undoubtedly ” the internal regulations of the club, as well as the current legislation on conflict of interest and self-contracting.

“At the same time, from the Compliance area, specific actions have been carried out to verify if there has been any link between the Club and the company Top Level Football 77 SL. From the result of these it can be verified that no payment has ever been made to the aforementioned there is no record of a relationship between the Club and Top Level Football 77 SL within the FC Barcelona systems,” the club argues.

Thus, after the interviews with the president, Joan Laporta, and his son, Guillem Laporta, the ‘compliance’ was able to verify that there is a “full conviction” on the part of both that Guillem Laporta cannot participate in any professional operation with players of the club, respecting the FC Barcelona Statutes, the Code of Ethics, the rest of the internal regulations and current legislation.