BERLIN, Jan. 17 (dpa/EP) –

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison assured that Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, whom his government deported this Sunday for public health reasons, could return before the three-year ban expired.

In addition to having to leave Australia and not being able to defend his title in the first ‘Grand Slam’ of the season, the Belgrade player also received an automatic three-year ban from entering the country under immigration law, unless the Minister of Australian Immigration annuls the judgment for compelling reasons.

“I’m not going to condition any of that or say anything that doesn’t allow the minister to make the various calls that he has to make. The ban runs for a period of three years, but there is an opportunity for a person to come back in the circumstances.” adequate, and that will be considered at that time,” Morrison told ‘2GB’ radio on Monday.

The president insisted that both Djokovic and any other person who wants to enter Australia must respect “the conditions” of entry. “This is someone who tried to come to Australia and not comply with the entry rules at our border,” he said.