With the beginning of the season in the making, CD Lugo has begun to undertake the reforms that the LFP requires and that the albivermellos had postponed until this summer, delayed again by the extension of the competition after the confinement. Now, the club from Lugo is working hard to meet the deadlines, carrying out various improvement actions. The most striking, the change of grass of the Anxo Carro stadium.

Lugo Shield / Flag

It is not a minor thing or common news, since the green of the albivermello coliseum has been a whopping 22 years without being replaced In its entirety, the merit of always showing a good image is due to the dedication of the club's employees and the company in charge of its maintenance. In these actions, not only will the Anxo Carro mat be replaced, but also the drainage system will be renovated and a new irrigation system will be installed. According to a note provided by the club, the sods of the new green will be similar to those used in large European stadiums such as the Santiago Bernabéu.

But the improvements will not be confined only to the field of play. Lugo will also start the replacement of the old current lighting system with one of led lights, as required by La Liga. For this work, the Lugo group will have the financial help of the Xunta de Galicia, owner of the stadium. In fact, An old aspiration of the people of Lugo is that the autonomous administration renovates the stadium, which has not a few shortcomings, something that until now has not been possible thanks to an agreement signed between the Xunta itself and the previous Board of Directors of Lugo, by which the club undertook to bear the costs of any maintenance work from Anxo Carro.


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