The Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) expressed this Sunday that “the time has come to really professionalize” Second Division B, Third Division and First and Second female “with employment contracts that really recognize” the “dedication to football” of the players in these categories, who, at the same time, “are clear that health comes first, but they do not consider it appropriate to return to competition from January 2021 “.

The union published an eight-point statement this Sunday to “express its position and propose different proposals as a union representative of thousands of soccer players”, on the eve of the “imminent and momentous meeting called by the Real spanish soccer federation with the presidents of the different autonomous federations “.

“The footballers of Second Division B, Third Division, First female and Second female they consider that the time has come to truly professionalize these categories, with employment contracts that truly recognize their dedication to football, “the note begins.

“These groups are clear that health comes first in the current situation we live in, but they do not consider it appropriate to return to competition from January 2021. They cannot afford to go several months without playing because many families depend on the income they receive through football. Their contracts must be respected at all times, whatever the decision is made, “added the AFE in the second and third bullet points of the statement.

“The footballers of these categories, just like their teammates First and Second Division, demand that all means be put at the health level to continue carrying out their profession. They believe, on the other hand, that it is necessary for the sanitary protocol to be applied to football to be unique, in order to avoid conflicts derived from autonomous powers, “he said.

He also considered “fundamental” that “the voice of footballers must be taken into account at all times” and “that AFE participate in all meetings in which decisions that affect these groups will be adopted “.

“In addition, footballers consider vital the creation of a fund that guarantees compliance with the necessary health protocol (medical controls, tests before and after matches, both friendly and official, etc.) in order to preserve their health at all times and that of the club workers who live with them every day, “he proposed.

“And finally, footballers know that the powers to determine their future depend on other organizations, but this union, now more than ever, will fight for protect your rights and will go to the last consequences to achieve it, “the statement concluded.


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