The Spanish adapted cycling team will hold its first concentration of the season in Portugal on Monday to begin preparing for the next Track Cycling World Championship in 2022.

As reported this Friday by the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC), the national ‘pistards’ will meet from this November 22 to 26 at the velodrome in the Portuguese town of Anadia and will combine training on the track with gym sessions and work with physiotherapists.

The cyclists that national coach Félix García Casas will have will be Paralympic champion Alfonso Cabello (C5), Pablo Jaramillo (C5), Juan Alberto Jiménez (C4), Óscar Higuera (C4), Eduardo Santas (C3), Markel Alonso ( C2), Maurice Eckhard (C2) and Christian Venge-Noel Martín (B).

Ricardo Ten, for personal reasons, and Adolfo Bellido, who has a knee injury, will be out at this concentration, but it is expected that they can participate normally in the next scheduled.