Prior to Carlos Falco, Esther Dona She was married twice. with the judge Santiago Pedraz He was on his way to his fourth wedding. However, at the end of August, just two days after announcing her engagement in the magazine Holait was revealed that they were no longer together and that he had scored a goal for the entire squad against the greeting magazine.

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Thus, the magistrate and the socialite have starred, with the permission of Gerard Piqué y Clara Chia, the great soap opera of the summer. All this controversy of the non-wedding has caused Doña to generate more interest than ever. Her mysterious past, too.

In Save me They have wondered this Tuesday how “a second class model” came to rub shoulders with the entire elite of Madrid. They describe her as a cold and “ambitious” woman, with well-defined goals. Her past, as we say, is a mystery and in her old neighborhood of Malaga they hardly know anything about her. Carmen Borregofrom Malaga, even asked about her influential circles without getting an answer.

Kiko Matamoros, for its part, has gone a step further. He has given more details about her: “She was very ambitious and itched over the top (…) her first husband is a billionaire and when she leaves him she returns to practice that profession, let’s say public relations,” Kiko has said.

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The collaborator explained that Esther worked in a nightlife venue, located in a good area of ​​Madrid: “Then she has another relationship and from there she stops publicly relating, she stops doing that activity of stimulation, conversation and accompaniment”.

Carlos Falcó and Judge Pedraz

In March 2020, Esther said goodbye to her third husband, Carlos Falcó, who died at the age of 83 from Covid-19. Her relationship with the children of the Marquis was never especially good and, a few months after her death, they invited her to leave El Rincón, the farm where she lived with her husband in Aldea del Fresno, Madrid. .

With the magistrate of the National High Court Santiago Pedraz began dating in the summer of last year, when Informalia advanced their relationship in scoop. In these months, Esther has confessed that Falcó himself predicted this relationship between the two. In the book that she wrote about her history with Tamara Falcó’s father, she also brought up the uploaded WhatsApp messages that both exchanged in full roneo. Less than a month after her breakup with Pedraz, she has already been linked to a certain Bruno, with whom she would have spent time in Ibiza.