The Association of Women’s Soccer Clubs (ACFF) will support “any claim action” that the footballers decide to carry out to try to unblock the approval of the statutes of the professional women’s soccer league, recalling that said slowdown is not due to the lack of agreement, and has stated that the clubs are willing to “incorporate minority approaches into the text.”

“The ACFF and its clubs join in and will support any claim action that would be carried out by the footballers during this and the next few days due to the situation of blockade in which the process of constitution of the Professional Women’s League is found, and that it has lasted 5 months since the competition was officially classified as professional by the CSD Board of Directors, “the ACFF said in a statement.

This Wednesday, the footballers of the Primera Iberdrola expressed their “rejection” of the “slowdown” in the approval of the statutes of the professional women’s soccer league, and warned that their “pulse” would not shake when taking measures “clear and decisive” like the realization of a strike.

During the month of July, the 16 clubs met to discuss the statutes of the new league, and the resulting proposal, which was presented to the Higher Sports Council (CSD), had the support of 12 of them. Now, the ACFF insists that the reason for the blockade “is not the lack of agreement between the clubs”, since said agreement “has existed” although it was not “unanimous”, since “any democratic organization is based on the majority and not unanimously “.

Even so, she is open to incorporating the ideas of “the minority.” “Despite the existence of the aforementioned majority agreement, the 12 clubs that presented the majority bylaws proposal, in a new exercise of responsibility, and given the importance of unblocking the process and constituting the Professional League as soon as possible, are willing to join the text the proposals of the minority for the good of the Professional Women’s League, “he said.

“We understand that the step taken by the majority of the clubs, incorporating the positions of the minority group, should be more than definitive to advance in the process, resulting in a text that, despite not containing all the aspects defended by both On the other hand, it does respect the main sensitivities of each other. It is time to facilitate that this historic moment can be brought to an end. It is time to start the Professional Women’s League, remember, the first professional women’s league in the history of Spanish sport, “he stressed.


In a different vein, the ACFF showed its “most energetic rejection” of the sanctions that the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) imposed on Levante UD, Real Sociedad and Villarreal CF for not wearing the federative patch on their shirts. “It is a new act of abuse and persecution exercised by the RFEF, an absolutely unfair decision, contrary to the law and that represents an unprecedented direct attack against women’s football, against female footballers, against coaches and against clubs,” he said. .

“The RFEF must respect current legislation and, especially, its own General Regulations, which take precedence over any standard or basis of competition. The RFEF must assume once and for all that the First Division of Women’s Soccer is, since last day June 15, an official competition of a professional nature, and that its role during the process of constitution of the professional league is limited to assuming on a provisional and limited basis certain aspects of management and coordination of the competition, “he said.

“But, above all, the RFEF must stop hindering the growth of women’s football, apply a policy of persecution and punishment to anyone who does not agree with their interests, and trample on women’s football and female footballers. This Association it will defend the soccer players and clubs before all instances and will purify the responsibilities of all those who have participated in this act of abuse, “he concluded.