Fernando Torres’ experience as a coach is being satisfactory and it takes rhythm to be much more. Youth A, led by El Niño together with Ricardo Ortega, march Group 5 leader of the Honor Division, thanks to a tremendous streak of 10 consecutive wins. The team started stumbling on Madrid in a derby where they deserved more and since then they have only known victory. The whites stalk at two points.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Torres has been right with his contribution to the team. For example, and since now he misses the first team, has been able to bolt. After the 0-1 of the first day, he has conceded only three goals in ten games with a giant Iturbe (Supplied with a good level by Dimitrios Stamatakis when the Spanish international has been absent, like this weekend). The rojiblancos are a very solid block in which, in addition to the goalkeeper, they are growing Navarro (also with the U19), Boñar, from the 2005 generation …

On the other hand, Atleti has signed 20 goals in favor. Currás wears 7 and Salim, one of the great jewels of the Academy, another 5. Torres is very attentive to the forward and tries to help him with his experience as an elite scorer. Salim, 17, is Spanish, but of Moroccan descent and that is why the North African country watches him to summon him with the U-20. The Atleti, for all this, has shielded the footballer.

The mole (with remedy) from the Youth League

Juvenil A is sailing at a very good pace in the League, but in the Youth League things have not turned out as well. The lack of journeys, Atleti is third and he has to go back three points to Liverpool to access the playoff prior to the round of 16. If you win the two games you have left you will have options. In Europe is highlighting Salim, in addition to other players who are with B as Javi serrano (who even played with the first team at Anfield), Carlos Martin …