As expected, when things are going well, there is someone who will try to twist them and it seems that the world of football bothers that in the Real Madrid things are going well with Zidane, That technician who has given you absolutely everything. The false rumors arrive directly from France, where the web ensures that Zidane he will leave the white team at the end of the season because of his disagreements with Florentino Perez.

Winning the Spain Supercup in front of Atlético de Madrid, be alive in Champions, and Copa del Rey and be leaders in League seems not to have sat well in many places, and specifically in France, place where speculations have been taken to ensure that Zidane will leave the Madrid team at the end of the season despite having a contract in force until 2022. (Round day for Madrid: Barça and Atlético punctures and, leaders!)

The main reasons for the possible goodbye of Zidane, according to Web would be the approach of Florentine Perez with Jose Mourinho on numerous occasions, or the frustrated signing of Pogba for him Real Madrid, player that the French asked on numerous occasions for the squad. (Zinedine Zidane, the true King of K.O parties)

In addition, the same website ensures that if the Real Madrid manages to lift the Champions, the white coach would leave with more reason, as they say, has been the same Zidane the one who has ensured that if this happens, he would go to the Juventus from Cristiano Ronaldo. Undoubtedly, hoaxes that circulate in the media of the most envious, because they do not accept that the white team returns to reign in football.