he Real fans put the colors and the music in the quiet and quiet streets of Graz on a sunny Thursday in October. 600 txuri urdin fans -the localities that sent to Donostia were just over 900- came with the joy of someone who has just celebrated a title and who leads the classification in First. And they were able to spread that festive character to the inhabitants of the capital of the state of Styria. Among the 600, the so-called ‘8 from Graz’, a group of ‘realzales’ that were still in Loiu at noon and in the end they were able to reach the clash.

Of the 30 who were scheduled to arrive in Graz, only eight arrived and the remaining 22 had to return home. The plane that had to transport them from Bilbao to Munich early in the morning was grounded due to a breakdown in the hydraulic system. The travel agency that had organized the trip did everything possible to find a flight to the thirty ‘realzales’, but only eight were the lucky ones. They made a stopover in Zurich and from there, direct to Graz, where they arrived at 7:00 p.m. A bus was waiting for them at the airport to take them to the field. Today another four join, who yesterday saw the clash from home on TV.

Txuri urdin t-shirts were seen throughout the day at Schlossberg Castle, located in the middle of the city and surrounded by a small forest, and also at the Clock Tower (Uhrturm), the last vestige of the fortress that surrounds the city and a symbol Of the same. One of the buildings that most attracted the attention of the royalist fans was the Kunsthaus, located next to the Mur river that forms the backbone of the city. It is a glass giant, also called the ‘friendly alien’, which houses works of international contemporary art.

Through a group of fans, the Royal announced that the organized departure of the txuri urdin tide would take place at 7:00 p.m. from Graz Town Hall Square. The followers, already energized with the exquisite Austrian beer, starred in another spectacular kalejira towards the stadium with the most common war cries and ritual chants. Party.

Already on the field, the realistic fans tried to counteract the fury of the local fans, who pressed theirs from the warm-up with total intensity, especially from its animated background that makes this field the most fearsome in Austria in what the atmosphere is concerned.

There was time for everything during the crash, but the most beautiful thing was the back dance with Isak’s goal and the minutes after the final whistle, with Imanol as the protagonist. Another unforgettable trip