The two main parameters you can’t do without when creating any sports team are the name and the logo. The value of the latter in professional sport is difficult to overestimate, as the logo is the part of the brand by which your club will be recognised.

Creating this important symbol takes a lot of time and effort. Often professional artists and designers and sometimes even ordinary fans are involved in the creation of the logo. These images often contain a piece of the team’s history.

The logos depict the landmarks of the city or country the club represents, the mascots of the teams’ mascots and past sporting achievements. Nowadays, there are many recognisable cool logos in sports and we have compiled the most beautiful ones in our opinion in this selection.

1. New York Yankees

New York Yankees

The Yankees logo is a real brand. The refined minimalism of the letters N and Y, which stand for New York, is perfectly matched by the vertical stripes that have become the team’s symbol. The Y could also be thought of as a Yankees, and the flowing lines are reminiscent of the shape of a baseball. 

The emblem of this baseball club is perhaps even more popular than the club itself and is a great example of a sports classic.

2. Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls

An animal logo is one of the most popular variations of sports logos, but not all of them look like the Bulls’ logo. The furious red Benny the Bull looks menacing and dangerous, it gives the right impression on opponents, but it is also visually appealing.

It recalls the days of Michael Jordan, 6 championships in franchise history and more, which is nothing like the current state of the team. The Bulls have failed to make the NBA playoffs this season. But 4 other teams are fighting for the conference finals championship, and at one of the betting shops on, you can bet on who will be the league champion in the 2020-2021 season.

Another benefit of the Chicago logo is that if you flip the evil bull, you’ll see a cute robot.

3. Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics

Without straying too far from the Chicago Bulls, let’s remember another cool NBA team logo. The original Celtics logo was nothing like what we have now. In the early 1950s, Zang Auerbach, brother of Red’s head coach, decided to add Lucky, a character from Irish mythology reminding us of the city’s Irish heritage, to the logo.

In the 1996-1997 season, to mark the club’s 50th anniversary, the decision was made to paint the black-and-white-green image in different colours, and it was a winning move. Lucky is wearing an old-fashioned hat and waistcoat featuring a three-leaf clover, the hero of the original emblem. A cane, a pipe and a sly squint create a cheerful mood, while a basketball reminds us of what the Boston Celtics are known for.

4. Ajax Amsterdam

Ajax Amsterdam

At first glance, the emblem of Ajax Amsterdam seems at the very least strange. But at the same time, its minimalist, primitivist look makes it feel easy to look at. 

The emblem depicts the ancient Greek hero Ajax, a participant in the Trojan War. Originally the image of Ajax in profile was similar to one side of the coin, but in July 1990 the silhouette of the hero was shown with 11 black lines on a white background. As you can understand, these lines are a symbolic image of the 11 players fighting for their home club the way Ajax fought under the walls of Troy.

5. El Paso Chihuahuas

El Paso Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas is a small baseball team from El Paso, West Texas. They have been playing in baseball’s Minor League since 2014 and the team’s name, logo and colours were approved on 22 October 2013. It was named after the Chihuahua desert in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Mexico also has a state of the same name. 

It just so happens that the name coincides with a breed of a small dog, one of which appears on the logo. The club emblem is a perfect example of self-irony. No one is afraid of the Chihuahua, though the depicted dog tries to look angry. It scowls, wears a barbed collar, looks at its rival with eyes red with anger. Still, the dog can’t stop being cute.


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