The best / Oyarzabal is always in the sauce: goal, assistance and sweat

You cannot be more decisive in the fate of the matches. Like 15 days before against Getafe, he gave an assist, in this case from first to For your In the first goal, he scored from a penalty spot where he is absolutely infallible and he killed himself running, especially in the first half with the score open to collaborate with Monreal to seal its flank. He has scored his 11 penalties in the Real, nine in the League and two in the Cup. In the first half, he came inward, a position from which he participated more and did more damage, as in his ride prior to the occasion of Willian
José. His 201st match was as spectacular as 200. And that with 23 years.

Remiro Fresco

He only had to intervene to remove the mitt on a distant kick from Tello. Very placid night for the Navarrese.

Genuine Gorosabel

He suffered with the skill and power of Tello, which he did not finish braking, but in attack he again contributed his great stride. Very good left behind Silva on the occasion of Willian
José. Full match.

Aritz Survivor

Flawless performance despite the stomp he gave her Churches at the beginning. It was enough to be well placed. Sanabria It complicated the night much more than ‘the panda’. He looked for the game long.

Le Normand Mighty

The referee was lenient with his grab on Sanabria, which at the beginning was a struggle, and no penalty was awarded. Apart from that, another impeccable performance. Full of anticipation and very fine in finding a partner.

Monreal Tanned

Little could double Oyarzabal. He had enough to make the meeting with his former partner bitter Joaquin. His theft is the genesis of the third goal. An absolute guarantee.

Guevara Solvente

The Alava was very solvent, who became a beacon at the beginning of the plays and always leaked balls forward, with some loss. Very good helps to Gorosabel.

Forced Merino

He did not need the Real of his best version to crush. Very hard working in duels – he cut the game with seven fouls – and in the deployment, he looked for some final passes without success. He ended up exhausted.

Crescent Silva

It was difficult for him to appear, but when he did it was to make a difference by filtering those passes through the hole of a needle. His is the play and the pass to Isak in the penalty of 0-2.

Portu Breaker

When the Real was more stuck, it sowed uncertainty with its unchecks and mobility. He scored the most difficult goal, the first, drawing a very complicated shot from first to center of Oyarzabal. He was incisive to the end. He has three goals in six games.

Willian José Engaged

Good version of the Brazilian. He came far behind to participate in the game and also opened to the right, from where he served a great ball to Oyarzabal. Before the 0-1, he had a very clear chance with his shot touching the stick.

The changes

Zubimendi Muscular

Lots of physical presence to prop up the midfield

Isak Devastator

You cannot contribute more in 22 minutes. He destroyed Betis with his speed into space and his appearances on the inside. He forced the penalty from 0-2 and assisted Januzaj in the 0-3.

Januzaj Genius

A great goal, the second of the season, to close the win.

Lopez Sacrificed

Generous defensive effort to cover the right wing.

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