The best / Silva The expected return of the conductor

They were 61 minutes, but of great quality and of decisive influence on the game. After seven games of absence due to injury, David Silva returned and did so by putting a good part of his repertoire on the table and putting order and organizing a Real that had a hard time imposing its hierarchy. The insular missed one of the two clear chances he had in the first half, both provided by Isak. After the break, he appeared in all the plots of the field to start the game and encourage the pitch to lean towards the local goal. Welcome back.

Remiro Imperturbable

Accelerate outer hearts with your poise with the ball pressed by two players in your area. Not the raffle or the raffle. Without the need for superb interventions, he was liked with three punches of punches. First game to zero in the Europa League.

Gorosabel Alborotado

Bad game from the side, also mediated by the yellow that he saw for an entrance to Yeboah. He made a mistake in his decisions in attack, except in some inside ball to Isak. Replaced by Zaldua.

Zubeldia Neat

Very agile to anticipate, he had a hard time with the side-to-side maneuvers of Jantscher and Yeboah. He maintained the type and defensive level.

Le Normand Superb

In his 100th match at La Real, he once again demonstrated all his power, despite the fact that a clash with Yeboah left him ‘groggy’. The ram made him extend his area of ​​influence, but annulled him in all coordinates.

Veteran Aihen

As such it was handled, again. Without licenses to Yeboah for the band, he held out well without making fouls and lavished little in attack, but with danger. He stole the ball from 0-1 in a clean way although they called for a foul and made the goalkeeper shine with a shot. He risked a little push in the area at the end.

Zubimendi Roto

It lasted 18 minutes. After a coverage, he suffered a muscle injury that made him request the change. Guevara left

Merino Captain

Diesel as always, from less to more. His pre-goal maneuver was vital, rescuing the ball from the band with a delicatessen and handing it over to Sorloth. Captain of the team, it was difficult for him to have influence and he was soon charged with yellow, but he did it. He headed to the post with 0-0. Some avoidable loss and accurate head evacuations.

Tireless Portu

Another 90 minutes of warfare, races on the wing and constant unchecking, but with little offensive clairvoyance and forcefulness. His header to goal was taken out by Wütrich. Still unchecked.

Isak Resolutive

He decided the match with his second European goal, but must send a present to the goalkeeper for Christmas, to compensate. He had flashes of genius and poisoned. At the beginning, it generated a lot between the lines: left to Silva and hand in hand with the goalkeeper and then, a galactic auto pass and a great delivery to Gran Canaria. It is intoned.

Januzaj Constante

Very present in the game, even in the worst moments. He made his pair go crazy, who got rid of the yellow one in an incomprehensible way. He traced the deep pass to Isak on the occasion of 8 ‘, tested the goal from afar in 37’, appeared from the inside to receive close to the area, put the Merino post foul and participated in the 0-1 steal.

The changes

Guevara Defensive

Better off the ball and in aid. Great robbery from Yeboah.

Zaldua Entonado

Strong and precise with the ball.

Arctic Sorloth

Very cold. He lacked squeezing.

Electric Lobete

Minutes of fire.

Gun turrientes

What a big deal