The best / Oyarzabal Rock and roll picks in a Real stuck

With the Real muddy, the captain first from the left and then from the center, appeared to start the game and some depth. The only sparks of the first half carried his signature, just like the long drive before 1-1. I was connecting well with For your at the time of being replaced at 65 '.

Surprised Remiro

He did not expect such a gift from his colleagues and could do nothing about the missile of Calleri. Two saves not too difficult to hold the 1-1. It takes two games almost without having to act.

Zubeldia Multipurpose

He only needs to play battering ram. Versatile as none, he served as a right back, although it was difficult for him to specify the shipments from the band. Forceful, his clearance was born 1-1. He stopped Rubén García and Jony well, but a penalty was played for grabbing David García.

Le Normand Concentrate

One of the most outstanding realists, for his proverbial concentration and that impregnable character in the melee with Calleri and Budimir.

Irregular Sagnan

He alternates actions of great merit, cuts with quality, openings to the band, with other strange ones, such as his loss at 0-1, in which the main culprit is Willian

Aihen Constant

He handled himself harshly on defense, cutting off the game with tackles and was courageous when it came to going up. He put a nice long post to Bautista.

Guevara Menguante

The game weighed on him and he incurred dangerous losses after a start in which he seemed the most enlightened realist, with steals and deep balls.

Caged Merino

Very guarded before the team of his loves, he could barely display his usual repertoire. Close to scoring with the spur at 85 'in a corner. He ended up as the school teacher.

Barrenetxea Scorer

It cost him horrors to overflow to the right, where he does not play at ease and when they changed him to the left he smiled, scored, was about to make the second and caused havoc.

Portu Direct

He made a difference when he was shot to the right, from where he put the center of the goal, a long shot and another 50-meter run crowned with a precise center. When he was better, he was replaced.

Willian José Wrong

He retaliated somewhat with a subsequent correct performance, plays in which he held his back and his left head to Barrenetxea in the goal, but it is not understood what he did in the 0-1. He wanted to go out playing instead of clearing and put Sagnan in a very compromised situation.

The changes

Baptist Plugged In

Fiery, he almost scored after a great maneuver.

Merquelanz Tangled

It was not precise with its centers.

Guridi Diesel

He did not finish getting into the game.

Late Zubimendi

13 minutes with hardly any participation.

Extreme Gorosabel

It ended early. Nothing


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