BEST: Aritz / Flawless

Partidazo of the central in his priority tasks. Always punctual to clear the balls that surrounded him, cleaning to remove them from the cave and with a command voice leading

Guardian Remiro

Relatively placid night, as Mallorca did not shoot on target. Safe overlooked.

Knight Strong

Powerful in the duels, with a lot of leash until the end, surprised in a push from the back.

Normand Obediente

Attentive to the cut and the indications of his colleagues, one more day with a clean file.

Battered Aihen

Expelled at the edge of the break for an excessive yellow. The first card was clear. It was good.

Guevara Reserved

It was difficult for him to print rhythm, he assured too much, changed to rest.

Multifaceted Merino

All the tasks of the center, under his charge, and fully complying. A superb exercise in organizing.

Navarro Scarce

Some sporadic society, a dangerous kick and little else.

Unconditional Portu

Labor as dark as necessary to breathe with one less in defensive involvement and unchecked.

Januzaj Quarterback

Poisonous corner kick launcher.

Isak Unlimited

Very fast, high-end controls, no finesse to finish. It ended up very worn.

The changes

Blooming Gorosabel

With ease despite playing the second half on the left side.

Zubimendi Muscular

Fall back in abundance to greet the Mallorca area. He shot deflected from the front. La Real improved with its incorporation.

Magic Lobete

The author of the heroic triumph, being from Sanse and in a delivered field. A category goal for the maneuver

Sorloth Pilot

He drove with great judgment.

Zubeldia Espuela

To gain time.