Atlético de Madrid came back from 0-2 after a spectacular second half. Great reaction from the mattresses.

cloud Unexpected

He conceded two goals in the first two shots from Valencia. The truth is that he did not have it easy at all in either of the two goals.

Vrsaljko Cautious

He was very correct in defensive tasks while in attack he did not lavish much, and that he left a great pass to Joao in the first half.

Gimenez I laughed

He played a good match. He was quite forceful especially in the second half.

Handsome Risky

The first goal came after defending well in advance, he lost the duel with Guedes and the score was 0-1. But he ended up scoring 3-2 in the comeback and being key on the left side.

Renan Lodi Unlucky

He tried to open the band in a bad first part of the team. He was substituted at halftime.

Yannick Carrasco Superb

The best of Atletico. He just snapped the team out of their lethargy. He assisted at 1-2 and started the play at 2-2. He only lacked the goal in a very complete game.

Boil Alma

Defensively he was one of the best on the team. He was very solid at the back and led the team in the comeback.

From Paul Precipitate

In defense he was very tough, sometimes too much and in attack he missed some passes that were easy for him before. It’s below your level.

Lemar Gray

Bad game of the French. He failed to connect with the rest of his teammates and left some detail in a very intermittent game.

joao felix misguided

He returned to leave details although he lacked continuity. Caused in part by the continuous fouls he received during the time he was on the field.

Luis Suarez Isolated

After a first part in which he hardly entered into action. In the second half, with the team overturned, he had a clear chance, and then he participated much more in the game.

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Santander League match between the teams At.Madrid - Valencia at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium

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Rate the Atlético players against Valencia

from the bench

Cunha Right

He scored the first goal and based on casta helped the team achieve a great comeback.

Felipe Sure

Good minutes from the Brazilian. He gained confidence after his mistakes in San Sebastián.

Herrera unhinged

His struggle in midfield was key for the team to achieve the balance it needed.

Correa Revulsive

Together with Carrasco he managed to break lines of pressure and lead the team to victory.

Javier Serrano Testimonial

He left in stoppage time for Carrasco.

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