With a year and five days to go before the Qatar World Cup 2022 (November 21, 2022) there are already a total of 12 teams that have certified their presence in said championship. The last to join this list was Netherlands, which sealed its classification this Tuesday by defeating Norway by 2-0.

In this way, the ‘Oranje’ was added to a list in which they already appeared beforehand Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Qatar, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, France, England, Serbia and Switzerland. In total, 10 Europeans of the 13 that will be in total after the play-off to which great powers such as Italy and Portugal, an American and an Asian and organizer.

It should be remembered that the Qatar World Cup 2022, held between November and December, will be disputed by a total of 32 teams, so the names of 20 of them still need to be revealed. None will be the Norway from Erling Haaland, which this Tuesday ran out of options.

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