The 100 days of the reign of Carlos III: balance of an autumn shaken by the Sussex gale

100 days have passed since Carlos III ascended the throne after the death of Isabel II. A date that has not gone unnoticed, far from it, by the British press. Above all, because it arrives in full vendaval Sussexwhen Harry y Meghan premiere this Thursday, December 15, their three new episodes of their Netflix documentary series.

The monarch has several open fronts. In this balance of the three long months of Carlos’ reign, it is necessary to address the role that he is playing, his son Harry in the serial, what testimonials he is leaving and what impact his words have on the institution. That “they put me in the lion’s den”by Meghan Markle; or “they hired people to spread that information (…) They lied to protect my brother”, from the prince, are part of a narrative that points to a conspiracy from the palace. Who put her in the lion’s den? who lied to protect Guillermo? This conspiracy theory would point directly to Buckingham, at whose head Carlos III stands.

With an eye on May 2023, when the historic coronation ceremony of Carlos III is held, the political current that suggests that the Dukes of Sussex should be absent is gaining more and more strength. Uploaded to this spiral of media revelations and in this carousel of accusations, there are voices that defend that Harry and Meghan should not attend that act.

The next three episodes of the documentary air this Thursday, December 15. This is not the only front that Carlos has. There is also his brother Andrés, who remains invisible in the institution. After the damage caused to the Windsors by their entire connection with the Epstein case, the Duke of York remains without tasks, without content, without honors and without titles.