The clash between the presenter of Save me and the talk show survivors in the corridors of Mediaset last week could reach the courts. And it is that Terelu Campos she is very angry because of the reaction she had raquel bun towards her and does not intend to let it pass: “I am consulting things with a lawyer because he revealed things about me, because I do not treat women of one class or another.”

The daughter of María Teresa Campos intercepted Raquel Bollo in full nervous outbreak after the interview with the daughter of Chiquetete, who accused her of being a “bad mother”, among many other things. The businesswoman reproached her former colleagues for not supporting and defending her despite being a victim of gender violence as they did with Rocío Carrasco (“You veto others and you bring them here to me, you don’t let me forget”), including Terelu: “I cannot allow an accusation of that size to fall on me. You can accuse me of many things, but that I am not a committed person… That you say that I have not respected and supported the cause of Raquel Bollo, which I have done all my life… I have never had a doubt about her story , and I have expressed it in this program”.

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The sister of carmen borrego He has revealed that his lawyer is studying the case and preparing a lawsuit, something that would paralyze if Bollo apologized: “If she was not referring to me, she should pick up the phone and apologize,” he replied to Belén Esteban, who He was trying to stand up for Raquel: “I wasn’t going for you, you’re giving yourself a leading role that doesn’t belong to you.”