Terelu Campos whines for money but enjoys a driver and two maids: her enormous expenses

own Terelu Campos He has said that the last three years have been the worst of his life, mainly due to the death of his close friend Mila Ximenez and the illness that ended his mother’s life, Maria Teresa Campos. But Terelu has also suffered a lot in recent years because of money. Her professional situation has caused her great disappointments and many upsets. What’s more, in addition to overcoming breast cancer, she had to accept that they no longer wanted her as a presenter and become a collaborator. It was at that time when her income dropped considerably to the point of being forced to sell her triplex in Pozuelo de Alarcón, which she re-mortgaged several times, until she ended up living on rent.

So much so that the eldest of the Campos sisters is taking advantage of the news of her daughter, Alejandra Rubio,’s pregnancy to make money. “Let’s not be hypocrites. This news feeds us all,” she said without a shred of shame. And no wonder. According to those close to her, she has never been one to save. “She doesn’t have a penny. She and her sister have always been ones to spend and spend,” someone who knows her well tells us. As we have already reported, last Friday she agreed to sit down in a Friday for a figure that they say exceeds 70,000 euros – there has been talk of up to 200,000 – and that he even plans to make a photo in a magazine to anger his bosses at Spanish Television who saw how he once again stood them up after carrying many months paying him a salary.

The rent is 2,500 euros per month

But if you think Terelu is cutting corners in this situation, you’re wrong. Terelu Campos’ daughter continues to live in luxury: He pays rent in Pozuelo de Alarcón, near the home his mother occupied, of about 2,500 euros per month, but he also does not deprive himself of anything; nor dinners with friends, express getaways, parties, two maids and a driver. Yes, you read correctly. Terelu, despite ensuring that she is experiencing financial difficulties and crying out to her boss, continues to maintain the same standard of living as she did when she earned thousands and thousands of euros as a presenter.

Of course, Terelu’s driver is not Gustavo Guillermo, the one who has spent more than 30 years serving his mother and who one day, Terelu and Carmen, considered a brother. He is a service driver that the eldest of the clan calls whenever he needs to travel, whether to go to the TV or to do the shopping. And he pays him a fortune because they tell us he doesn’t stop!

With Gustavo, the Campos have not ended well at all. In fact, in recent weeks their estrangement has worsened to unsuspected points due to a phrase that Campos’ former driver uttered in TardeAR On the relationship between Carmen and her son “She should think about why people separate from her, like her son.” Words that, according to Borrego, have caused her an anxiety crisis for which she is almost forced to go to the emergency room. And for this reason, Terelu has also made it clear that she cannot stand to look at him. “The worst thing about saying things to cause harm is seeing his face, that face was not that of the good Gustavo that I knew,” said the collaborator. An open front that, for sure, will give a lot to talk about and with which both parties will get economic benefit. Because if nothing else, the Campos know how to take advantage of opportunities to earn money, as has been demonstrated these weeks after Alejandra’s surprise pregnancy.

Gustavo has always shown loyalty to Teresa Campos, with whom he has worked for more than thirty years. He considered her a second mother and she trusted him blindly. So much so that the driver did not leave her side until the last moment of the journalist’s life. He didn’t care how many hours he spent with her and whatever he needed. However, with his daughters, Carmen and Terelu, things seriously cooled down, well before Teresa died. Gustavo did not view favorably some of the actions of his supposed sisters and on some occasions he even told them so. But when they became very distant, it was when Save me They began to tie him up mercilessly, accusing him of being a mole, and neither of them defended him as he believes he deserved. Since then, although Gustavo continued working as if nothing had happened, the truth is that with his ‘sisters’ an ocean began to separate him that, today, almost a year after saying goodbye to Teresa Campos, is practically insurmountable.