Terelu Campos, the offended against her swindler son-in-law: tonight, a great show

Charles Costanza is in love with Alejandra Rubio to the point of being a father with her. At 31 years old, the boy from Toyboy He is a romantic whose heart has been kidnapped not by the ambition of easy money, as we might think. pilferer, but for Cupid. This lumpen actor and poet is a victim (and vice versa) of the love of his daughter. Terelu Camposher mother’s student in inheriting notoriety and things like acting offended, saying incongruities, studying little and smoking a little. Let’s hope that now she avoids tobacco. We have not seen the Italian nobleman and the superficial talk show gossip-monger sitting on the edge of the lake in their underwear and boxers bathing in the cold waters of Marbella in March just when an efficient paparazzo He was fortunate enough to hunt them down without them realizing or participating, therefore, in the benefit of the sale of such succulent and timely material.

They were also caught giving one of their first kisses. Then they paraded one after another around sets, passing the brush like altar boys of the fame that they carry in their genes and acting offended with faces as long as poles because the press persecutes them, questions their inconsistencies and demands their share of the pie. The cake is neither chocolate nor strawberry but made of bills and is for Aunt Borrego, who negotiates the little theaters and their percentage (as she did with her son’s wedding), the boys, the girls, Grandma Campos and Grandma Flores, who has not yet shown his paw in Hello to say that she is not the wolf but the mother of the goat and, if anything, to give us the last part of her intermittent Mexican passion.

These people have the right to earn a living as best they can as long as they don’t cross the red line of the law, as the swindling boyfriend of the 24-year-old girl who has colonized the front page of Hello with the precious news of her motherhood. That same child, more false than a hardwood, that she played the best role of her life when they caught her with three pregnancy tests and she laughed with forced laughter to deny what she then sold just 12 weeks later. She is also adding bills to the future father of a great-grandson or great-granddaughter of Maria Teresa Camposa baby to whom we wish the best in the universe, which guarantees bread and exclusives for years, a precious ticket that gives access to these young people, heirs of their respective sagas, to the Olympus of marketing of covers and sets, of paid exclusives and for the robbed suspects, a card to get out of jail for ‘having to work to live’, a ticket to be a member of entertainment programs just because, to talk about themselves or whatever, without the need for having studied nothing or won a game: by face.

Let’s hope we’re wrong and they grow old together. But we fear that these two have less of a future together than the Fat Man without the Skinny Man. If so, they will divide their lives and multiply their exclusives separately, turning those they touch into golden celebrities like the philosopher’s stones of vulgar but profitable fame. And they have every right to do so, but please, don’t insult our intelligence, or what remains of it after seeing them, listening to them and being infected by their unbearable frivolity, their limited vocabulary, their third-rate morality, the kind that confuses lying with changing one’s mind.

The next chapter in the rosary of shamelessness and indignities that these clowns propose to us bienpagaos This Friday comes, when grandmother Terelu shares the set with Alejandra’s boyfriend. And they come to collect! Let’s see if they smile at each other, ignore each other or argue. It’s a shame that María Teresa Campos isn’t here to tell Carlo Costanzia and her firstborn that they should bet on one. Let’s stay with the great María Teresa and remember her teachings: let’s be positive. Above all this money, lies and every position The good news is that a child is coming who will undoubtedly bring life and happiness and will teach us all, including its parents, what really matters.