Terelu Campos He returned to TVE this Wednesday 27 years later. In the evening magazine Jordi Gonzalezthe daughter of Maria Teresa Campos He spoke of the end of his mother, who died on September 5 at the age of 82 after a year marked by her worsening health: “She lived in pain, the pain of the mind is terrifying.” This Thursday, just like Informalia announced for the first time, Carmen Borrego’s sister has joined Morningsthe morning program Jaime Cantizano.

The presenter has once again talked about the hardest moments with her mother: “In January we thought she was going to die of starvation,” she revealed, ensuring that her mother lost her appetite and ate less and less.

Terelu has recalled one of the hardest moments of her mother’s illness, who suffered cognitive impairment: “She was falling asleep leaning on me and on several occasions she told me ‘I can’t take it anymore’. And it overwhelmed me, because I know that “I was very afraid of death.”

In this sense, he added: “The illness consumed her. My mother, in the end, was a very small person, very consumed… Her life stopped. I know she couldn’t take it anymore. Her mind didn’t stop. She got up suffering and went to bed suffering. It has been devastating. And I have seen my mother with cancer, with a stroke, but this has been…”. After everything she suffered, Terelu lamented: “Her brain has not allowed her to enjoy her old age.”