Terelu Campos opens up about the story of her secret brother: “My father was wrong”

Busy weekend for Terelu Campos. After clarifying whether she has been the victim of a scam, the eldest daughter of María Teresa Campos spoke out this Sunday about her brother’s secret. This is a man who was born as a result of a relationship that, José María Borregofather of Terelu and Carmen, maintained before marrying Maria Teresa Campos.

While in D’Corazon (program where the presenter goes every weekend) talked about Eduardo Noriega’s supposed secret brother, Pipi Estrada’s ex has revealed how she met her brother.

I have known a brother of mine for 30 long years. I discovered it when I was already around 30 years old. It is part of his privacy, he is an anonymous person. Someone from her family told her, that one you see on TV is your sister. I have never refused to take a DNA test, ever in my life, because everyone has the right to know who they are biologically.“, explained Terelu Campos.

Without wanting to give many more details about the identity of her brother, the collaborator has indicated that her father was wrong. “My duty is also to compensate the person for my father’s mistakes, if I can do so. If my father made a mistake at a given moment, I have the opportunity to make up for what my father did wrong.“Terelu said.

Carmen Borrego He already spoke out about his secret brother in March of last year in the magazine Readings. José María Almoguera’s mother confessed that what impacted her most was how she met him. “I was with my mother during Holy Week in Malaga. They introduced us to my brother watching the processions“, he revealed.