Terelu Campos He was surprised, for the worse, this Sunday, May 28, when he went to his polling station to cast his vote. When she was face to face with the polls, she was told that she was not registered and that, therefore, she could not exercise her right (at least in that office).

The presenter was most outraged: “Unfortunately, and for the first time since I was 18 years old, I went to my polling station but ‘someone’ took away my registration without me knowing that this could be done.”

The daughter of María Teresa Campos even pointed to a black hand: “People who have my telephone number to be able to contact me but they did not, so for the first time my right to vote has been prevented. I am outraged.”

In another message, Carmen Borrego’s sister added: “The best thing that has happened to me as a person who works in front of the public is that nobody knows who I vote for. For the PP I am from the PSOE and for the PSOE I am from the PP. That is my merit. Although you can be clear that who I vote for they know it, “he said.

On the comment wall, she found answers for all tastes: “What a bitch, how is that possible?”, “What theatrics you are daughter”, “What drama a Campos likes”, “I They always send me the card to vote with my information and the school where I have to” or “Nobody has prevented you from voting. You are old enough and you should be responsible to know what you should do”.

María Teresa was also left without voting

Terelu has been annoyed by not voting not only for her, but also for her mother, who instilled in her social commitment since she was little: “I arrived in Madrid 41 years ago. I was only 16 years old. I have been voting all my life since I came of age because I sucked it. My mother instilled in me my commitment as a citizen and my duty as well”, he assured. She feels that she has failed him.

On the other hand, he has also explained that his mother has not voted either because she herself did not manage the vote by mail. However, she does not regret it because at her advanced age, the veteran presenter from Malaga would not be in full force: “Today I feel guilty for not having arranged for my mother to vote by mail but I am not frustrate for it either given her personal circumstances” . It must be remembered that Carmen Borrego insinuated in Save me that his mother, at 81, suffers from memory problems.