Monumental anger of the presenter this Monday when responding to the latest statements by Kiko Hernandez about the betrayal of Gustavothe right hand of Maria Teresa Campos. The commentator assured that the employee had spent a year without receiving his salary, as he himself had confessed, and have him has responded emphatically: “That is a lie, because I have paid for it. And not only Gustavo’s.”

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The daughter of the veteran communicator has thus revealed that her mother could have financial problems even after selling her Molino de la Hoz case in September 2021: “She is my mother and if my mother needs something for that, I am also , because I have had a life of a fucking mother thanks to that woman who is my mother. I, my sister, her grandchildren and her family have had it, thanks to the effort and work of that woman. If my mother has had a difficult time in life, that’s what those of us who had to be there are for. I am forced to give details of my mother’s intimate and economic life, it doesn’t go in my salary, I don’t have to,” she said angrily.

Let us remember that María Teresa Campos contracted a significant debt with the Treasury in recent years. She herself issued a statement to clarify the details, since it was published that she owed 700,000 euros when the real amount did not reach 300,000. The sale of her mansion, for which she took about three million euros, helped her to free herself from office. However, as Terelu has revealed, her daughters still bear the cost of some of her needs and expenses.