The signing of Gustavothe trusted man of Maria Teresaby Big Brother VIP 8 is raising blisters because of what the relationship he has with the Campos sisters is truly like, Have him y Carmen Borrego.

It must be remembered that recent times have been marked by mole accusations towards Gustavo on television sets. An accusation that was flatly denied by the driver, who was very hurt by Borrego and Terelu for their distrust and lack of support towards him at certain times.

Gustavo closed his contract with the program before the journalist’s death and after resigning as driver through a letter to the sisters. He would not have told Terelu and Carmen until after the funeral of the communicator, who died on September 5. Alejandra Rubio initially denied this call on behalf of her mother and aunt, although this Monday she clarified her words on Telecinco: “That call occurs. The call is for another reason. And they tell her ‘Hey, since you’re coming in , reaches the final'”.

However, the distance between both parties continues to be a source of talk on the Telecinco sets. Antonio Rossi delved this Thursday into the real reason why they began to distance themselves: “Terelu and Carmen made him sign a confidentiality contract and the driver felt that they did not trust him,” he said.

At the same time, he has assured that the matriarch of the Campos clan was never aware of this: “This confidentiality contract is made outside of María Teresa Campos. Teresa Campos would never have allowed this.”

As the journalist has hinted, the Campos sisters felt certain suspicion of the cover that their mother starred with him in April 2022, with the headline: “Gustavo is the son I never had.” According to Rossi, María Teresa made it an essential condition for granting this juicy interview that this headline appear on the cover of the weekly: “It is a decision that Teresa made to give him the money and give him her place.”