Marc André Ter Stegen was crowned the best player of the match, with his prodigious interventions, both during the match and in the penalty shoot-out.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

Did you look very confident in the penalty shoot-out?

Well, I hadn't studied them. I knew that Oyarzábal has a lot of experience. In the end it is a little different. Very happy for the game. But it could have saved some more penalties. Real Sociedad have been a tough rival.

Today they only scored penalties …

It would have been good for the penalty in the match. We deserved the victory.

Do you have the feeling of having been the key to passing the final?

I always seek to be 100%. You have to win these games. And very happy to be able to help the team.

How do you rate the game?

In the first 25 minutes they squeezed us very hard and they did very well. It took us a lot to get out, but little by little we found spaces and we played between the lines. They got tired and we were able to dominate the ball more.

And the extension?

In overtime we are all more conservative because if they mark you it is very difficult to recover.

Who do you prefer in the final?

I don't care who plays in the final. Now it's time to recover.

How did you see De Jong's hands?

I don't know if he touched Frenkie's hand, but there are a lot of cameras. If it's a penalty, it's a penalty.


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