Tension in the clash between Belén Esteban and Paz Padilla in the corridors of Mediaset

This Tuesday, December 13, is a day that you will not forget so easily bethlehem esteban y peace padilla. About a year after the row that both starred in and that triggered the dismissal of the presenter of Save methe two have once again had a face-to-face at the Mediaset facilities.

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The humorist has gone to the group’s facilities to record “a pilot”, as she herself has explained on her social networks. In the make-up rooms, she has met the princess of the town herself, who has not spoken to her because, according to her, Paz has not greeted her when she entered.

“When I go in and people are there, I say hello. She hasn’t greeted me and neither have I,” Belén explained on her program. It is the first time that the faces have been seen since the anger live by the Covid-19 and the famous “Oritrón”.

Andrea Janeiro’s mother explained that she would not have minded having a conversation with her former partner: “If she greets me, I don’t have any problem. Perhaps I would have liked to talk to her. I don’t feel guilty about absolutely nothing, I defended what I thought I had to defend”, he explained.

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Kiko Hernandez He was also present at the time of the reunion. After not receiving Paz’s greeting, she began to speak loudly with Belén, even making jokes about Covid-19 and the Omicron variant. Everything to get the attention of the actress, who has turned a deaf ear so as not to have uncomfortable conversations with her former program partners.

Paz Padilla and her discomfort with Save me

Everything blew up in the air in January of this year, after the intense row that the comedian and Belén Esteban had live over the Covid-19. In February she was fired from her but after a battle in court, the comedian was reinstated. She is still linked to Mediaset, at least formally and legally, but she has not yet reappeared as a presenter on her screens. She only in September, when she was interviewed in Is summer. Now record a pilot, we’ll see what it’s about.

A few weeks ago, Paz herself spoke of her situation in the Fuencarral chain: “I still have a contract with Telecinco. They are looking for options,” she said in The world. “My way of thinking was so different, my way of leading life was so different, that I felt that somehow I brought something different to the show, like love.” Shortly after, Jorge Javier Vazquez He lashed out at her in a podcast: “You have to be bad,” he even said.