Tensa waits at Atlético for the resolution of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS). The short time between the announcement of the UEFA sanction to the partial closure of the field for behavior “due to discriminatory behavior on the part of its fans” in the first leg of the quarterfinals against City, in the City of Manchester and its obligation, to close 5,000 seats when everything is already sold it makes the Metropolitano’s offices cut off the air while looking at the clock, tick-tock, tick-tock… With the match tomorrow at 9:00 p.m., Atlético awaits the ruling of the TAS for today, to have enough waist, in the event that the injunction is not granted, to execute that partial closure that yesterday already described as “disproportionate”that for the behavior of “two or three” they can pay 5,000 “innocent”.

Athletic Shield/Flag

Atlético hopes that, for better or for worse, the resolution will be known as soon as possible, that it will be known throughout today to have a waist and be able to react. Both Simeone and Koke who spoke this morning in the press room spoke about this UEFA punishment. The captain with that phrase, who hopes “that all the people are” in the game. And the coach the same, with that wish, that everyone be there tomorrow and the memory of the round of 16 in Manchester, against United, when a rain of objects, bottles, liquids fell on him while he was going to the locker room tunnel. Something in the eyes of the whole world, captured by television cameras that, by the way, has not had a UEFA sanction or punishment. “It reminded me of what your colleague mentioned that happened to me the other day against Manchester United. We found out yesterday afternoon and what we would like is for people to be there. Hopefully it can be resolved so that it is equal for all,” he declared. .

Stupor and anger among the fans

For now, UEFA’s decision announced yesterday afternoon is equally disturbing and outrageous among the red and white fans. “UEFA’s double yardstick is absolutely shameful”, denounced the International Union of Atlético Supporters Clubs on its Twitter. “From the disgust that any display of racism causes us and without knowing more than the scant information that UEFA gives about the sanction, it seems unjustifiable to us that it be punished collectively for the actions of a few,” Smoke Signals expressed. “The cacicadas of UEFA have always motivated Atleti. from time immemorial“The 50 wielded. They are also waiting, tense to know what the TAS will decide, soon.