With the complications that have arisen to balance the calendar in recent times as a result of the pandemic, it is to be celebrated that the tournaments can start despite multiple cancellations. But the biggest reason for joy is to expand the range of events. This is what will happen in Spain this 2021 season with the addition of three new ATP Challenger tournaments.

This was announced this Sunday by the RFET, regarding the eight tournaments in this category on Spanish soil (Madrid, Marbella, Alicante, Murcia, Segovia, Mallorca, Seville and Barcelona) two are added in Gran Canaria and Pozoblanco. In total, eleven tournaments so that young players with projection continue to grow in the face of more important events on the ATP circuit.

Although there are no confirmed dates for the new events, Miguel DĂ­az, president of the RFET, He stated on his Twitter profile that the Canary Challengers will be played consecutively at the end of February and that the Pozoblanco will be held in mid-July.


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