Jorge Javier Vázquez said goodbye this Wednesday with a “see you Monday” that will not be possible. Mediaset has canceled Chinese stories after failing in ratings during the three weeks that it has barely been on the grid. The program received the final blow this Tuesday with a 5.8% that was unsustainable. Yesterday, Wednesday, it barely improved a few tenths (6.2%), but everything had already been said.

Mediaset has communicated the closure of Vázquez’s program through a brief note. “Telecinco cancels Chinese stories from today after not having obtained the expected results.” The decision was made today, although it was not scheduled to be broadcast tonight because the network had scheduled an edition Express of GH VIP. In fact, as has been known InformaliaFrom now on, Telecinco will bet on the reality show summaries for its prime time access.

Indeed, as the chain admits, Chinese stories hit from the day it was released, when it reached Telecinco’s access prime time with a lukewarm 9.4%, about 10 points below The Anthill, whom he tried to defeat but who turned out to be absolutely unattainable. The second installment of the program plummeted to 7% and the next day it fell again into an audience drain that has been incorrigible.

Chinese stories received the first call to attention from Mediaset last week, when those responsible for the network decided to eliminate the delivery on Thursdays to advance the broadcast of GH VIP. This week the program tried to give a twist to its contents by focusing on the heart, but it has had no effect either. On Monday, with Isa Pantoja on set and a connection with Belén Esteban, it stayed at 6.7%. And, as we explained, on Tuesday it collapsed to 5.8%, a catastrophic figure that pointed out the exit door. On Wednesday, Jorge Javier received Manuela Carmena, the last guest.

Precisely, with the former mayor of Madrid Jorge Javier Vázquez he spoke about failure. “It happened to you like it did to me, I thought I wasn’t going to lose,” he said. The presenter also talked about his bad ratings on his blog. Readings, where he even described it as a “tragedy” and compared his state of mind to that of Shakira. “This is how I am now. Trying not to be swept away by the tide. Surviving. Protecting myself so that reality does not crush me. Playing to imagine that better times will come than the current ones, where too much uncertainty and even boredom coexist,” he commented.