Jesús Manuel ‘Tecatito’ Corona gave the official media his first interview with Sevilla. The Mexican revealed that Nervionenses’ interest in signing him “comes from some time. I already trained today. It’s been three or four days that have passed quickly. It is a bit strange to be in one shirt for so long and suddenly see you in another, but always with a smile on and off my face, because I am very happy to realize this dream. The companions made me the corridor, hazing… But a good human quality is noticeable in the group”.

Lopetegui is one of his great supporters: “I have spoken with Julen these days. He told me that he really wanted him to come and I told him that it was mutual. I feel lucky that a coach with that quality has been interested in me for a long time, in Porto and here. Apart from pressure, it fills me with strength and motivation to show him that he chose the best option. It’s a dream to play in this league.”

Photo of Jesus Corona

Tecatito is clear about the derby against Betis: “I’m here to play. The rest will be decided by the coach. I am anxious and excited to be here and I already know what is at stake tomorrow. We will be there strong. I had Óliver Torres as a partner in Porto. We became good friends there. Oliver told me that the derby is crazy. I’m going to like it because there we live something similar with the derbies. You motivated yourself and it made you anxious, it made you happy and you were content.”

Finally, he referred to his nickname: “In Monterrey they had Tecate as their sponsor. With my last name, Corona, they started joking that they couldn’t call me that, that a solution had to be found. Joke and joke remained Tecate, Tecatito “.